So I purchased FRAPS recently and I've tested it out. I shall provide various videos soon, including pvp and anything I regard as interesting.

This was basically just a test. It shows off the Macro I use, that should be popped during a Bloodlust/Heroism attempt.

The Macro consists of;

/say Me be real mad now! (Or whatever emote you like, or none at all)
/cast Icy Veins
/cast Arcane Power
/cast Beserking (Troll Racial)
/cast Mirror Image
/use Item '#' (Trinkets - My current trinkets are proc only)

Order doesn't matter but make sure MI is near the bottom as it is that which causes the GCD.

Spam AB and watch the ridiculous numbers fly everywhere. If you have the TX4 then obviously consume the AM procs for the haste.

Usual 57/3/11 spec. Naff gear.

Pretty basic, as I said its just a FRAPS test.

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