For me, the critical success of any MMO rests in the hands of those thousands of loyal players. In anticipation for the Open Beta tommorow, I expect the following from AO.

Decent server latency: granted this is one of the more popular F2P MMOs out there, and player base has been brilliant, never the less I expect the server(s) to be nice and green, as they have had the stress test.

A friendly and helpful community: not all players will have experienced the Closed Beta. I did, though unfortunately only a very small time slot. I didn't get past level ten. So I hope people don't automatically assume everyone knows what they're doing, when they're doing it and why, this is the time to shine if you got to 'end-game', your knowledge will be invaluable (at the minimum, for someone of the same class) generally.

Genuine enthusiasm from AO GMs: it is very motivating when you see your server GM egging you on, I hope they don't back away from time-to-time interactivety with the player-base as they certaintly weren't shy in CB.

PvP co-operation: I want to see Guilds organizing strategy and I want to see user-created events. Only we can make the best memories happen.

As for lasting appeal, my newly-chosen race/class combo of a Kanian Scout should wet my apetite. I've created a build around group snergy, as I want to PvP with a partner, or two or three others, primarily. The build will be providing locking knock-downs and silences for those pesky Mages, but one that can also kite well, and take a few hits if needed.

As for solo PvP, the beauty of stealth is I can pick and choose!

Unto the breach once more, milord!