I really enjoyed experiencing tight-knit party play for the first time in AO, my job was a little CC and generall DD. Reloading arrows can be a pain in the neck mid-fight but it does add some depth to the class mechanics.

All in all, its very enjoyable, albeit a little tough! We got through this boss, only to wipe twice on the next one, (with the bugged cageDoT and bubble). Unfortunately, I had to cut FRAPS towards the end of the video, you can tell my little laptop didn't much appreciate it!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more.
For me, the critical success of any MMO rests in the hands of those thousands of loyal players. In anticipation for the Open Beta tommorow, I expect the following from AO.

Decent server latency: granted this is one of the more popular F2P MMOs out there, and player base has been brilliant, never the less I expect the server(s) to be nice and green, as they have had the stress test.

A friendly and helpful community: not all players will have experienced the Closed Beta. I did, though unfortunately only a very small time slot. I didn't get past level ten. So I hope people don't automatically assume everyone knows what they're doing, when they're doing it and why, this is the time to shine if you got to 'end-game', your knowledge will be invaluable (at the minimum, for someone of the same class) generally.

Genuine enthusiasm from AO GMs: it is very motivating when you see your server GM egging you on, I hope they don't back away from time-to-time interactivety with the player-base as they certaintly weren't shy in CB.

PvP co-operation: I want to see Guilds organizing strategy and I want to see user-created events. Only we can make the best memories happen.

As for lasting appeal, my newly-chosen race/class combo of a Kanian Scout should wet my apetite. I've created a build around group snergy, as I want to PvP with a partner, or two or three others, primarily. The build will be providing locking knock-downs and silences for those pesky Mages, but one that can also kite well, and take a few hits if needed.

As for solo PvP, the beauty of stealth is I can pick and choose!

Unto the breach once more, milord!