Now you see me...

At first, you may think 'What? Only one talent tree?'. I can't really blame you, though AO grasps more customization than you'll first notice.

In that one talent tree each class has, there are points to be spent every level. In most other MMOs, talent trees have very boring albeit useful things in them, e.g

'Stance Mastery - You keep up to ten points of rage when switching stances'.

Allods Online doesn't really go with that formula, everything in the tree is an ability, and it is the bulk of where your skills will come from after level five.

You obviously cap at a certain point, so decisions are important, even though it is entirely possible to re-train them whenever you feel like it.

Aside from the tree, there are also your mandatory stat points, each time you level, you gain a point to place in any stat. I thought it would lock out certain stats not appreciated by the players class, but no. This means you may go up against a Mage that doesn't do that much damage to you, yet he has a massive health cap because he's stacking HP.

Of course there is the learning curve of which stats benefit what and so on, AO aids you in this by placing a star next to your most important stats, and even when a stat drops too low for their liking, they warn you. For instance, my agility isn't good enough, so it tells me.

Need control!

This is a decent amount to be thinking about already, but the aforementioned 'boring, but necessary talents' are still here, just in another form.

Unfortunately, the 'Ruby' customization starts at level ten, as you can see, I'm nine as of now and I can't see me getting any further before Closed Beta ends. But that is where all the 'Increases dodge by 10% when under 35% health' stuff happens, it also has abilities too.

In my eyes, AO will do a great job at keeping you thinking about your character and its steady progression throughout the many levels you reach.

Also, I snagged some screenshots of the Cash Shop for you all to ponder over, enjoy!


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