Character creation is pretty bog-standard, nothing new here. Better customization than that other MMO, but that isn't hard to accomplish. What is striking, however, is the very innovative art design.

Mainly, this applies to the Empire side, what with the Arisen, a bunch of undead cyborg-esque humaniods and the very Warhammer-resembling badass Orcs. But Gibberlings (on the League side) are too very creative than simply saying 'Ah, were just going to make a Gnome or Goblin race'.

Gibberlings are basically furry oversized hamsters and travel in packs of three, hence you play as all three Gibberlings at once, which sounds, and is, hilarious.

There are multiple classes, seven in total. And with those seven classes comes race dependant sub-classes. Nothing much is different between say, a Orc Warden and a Gibberling Warden though, aside the name and racial ability they gain.

Classes include; Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Summoner, Healer, Warden and Psionicist.

Every single MMORPG feels different and a bit clunky when you first start playing, and Allods is no different. Bearing in mind I had just been playing WoW, the most polished MMORPG on the planet.

So I instantly changed some Key Mapping around, adjusted the visuals for the maximum my Laptop could handle, and fiddled with the audio.

After tweeking bits and bobs (which wasn't really needed, just personal preferences), I went on my way through the first five levels (tutorial).

I was cautious at first, combat was a bit clunky as any melee and some classes seemed very overpowered in comparison to others. In the end though I got used to it all and greatly enjoyed the first five levels or so of most of the classes I went through. 

I wanted a tank really. But the Human race of the Empire had some animation issues, it wasn't very smooth, so I rolled an Orc Brute and had a blast, fluid animations and a hilarious stomping sound when you move around provides fun-factor.

Next, I gave in to my inner Mage-ness (Mage in WoW) and rolled an Arisen Sorceror, It is fun but I still wasn't satisfied that I found my right Race/Class combo.

I rolled an Orc Warden (like the druid class in WoW but with a pet), they are extremely interesting and should make very good opponents in PvP.

I'm still not 100% sure I've found what I want. I hope I do, and I'm not just wierd. Might try a Healer, see what happens.

Class stuff aside, this game runs great. Looks great and feels very stable for a free game in Closed Beta. There are still some minor issues, some names in Russain native for instance, but they should be ironed out soon enough.

It also seems to have a decent populace already, as I never felt alone. I witnessed some impressive looking level forties, (end-game) and the armour looked terrific. Spells look fantastic in general.

There is something wrong with my settings though, or the game client itself, I'm not sure if it is just me and my little laptop or everyone else too. I get sounds issues, I can't hear my own casting/spell sounds or movement sometimes, yet can hear everyone else fine. Might be a bug, if so its annoying but bearable for the time being.

Oh and the music, pretty outstanding. Literally 99.98% of these faults and issues I find are irrelevant, because you remember it's a free game and reminisce about all the naff F2P games you've played in the past.

Will keep updating.

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