A GM comes on <World> chat and says 'Crazy free item shop madness!'.

Last time I checked it didn't even load...Oh!

So the EU GM's decided to let all of us participate in a free preview of the item shop implemented in Allods Online. It was annoying, but I could see where they were coming from and why they did it.

They obviously would love it for everyone to become massively addicted to gulping down gallons of Elixirs and opening tons of Chests. This way, when the Item shop actually costs, and gear/character progression actually matters, people will know what they want and how it effects their performance, and probably buy it, if the price is reasonable enough.

I saw no game-breaking potions or anything, just trinkets and general useful items. Depending on how popular the shop becomes, it will no doubt have a dramatic effect on the in-game economy.

More later...

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